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We’re professional brake light camera manufacturers and suppliers in China specialized in providing high-quality customized products.

Rear view monitors

We’re professional rear view monitor manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality customized products. If you’re going to buy discount rear view monitor made in China, welcome to contact our factory for more cheap products.

YosoVision Technology provides One-Stop Service of Vehicle Security Electronics, the company founder has 9 years of rich experience serving a lot of foreign buyers in the automotive parts field. In the past years, we have successfully integrated our reverse camera, rearview monitor, and mobile DVR in several big projects around the world.

√ Over 9 years experience in automotive parts field for overseas market.

√ Strong R&D team and highly-skilled engineers and workers supporting.

√ Well-owned a full series of professional production & advanced testing equipment.

√ Approved with the certificates of ISO,CE,FCC,RoHS,E-Mark,IATF16949,etc.

√ 100% items must follow IQC-IPQC-AT-FQC-OQC five steps carefully inspection on the whole manufacturing process.

YosoVision has set up a quality control and management system at the request of lSO 9001:2008. Relevant documents and records are effectively controlled to ensure the operation of the quality system. We have the most advanced testing
equipment with quality and advanced environmental variable detecting instruments.

√ Strictly quality control and management system.

√ We provide a One-Stop Solution of vehicle rearview systems, vehicle security electronics.

√ The very flexible policy allows us to customize a lot of specific projects for our customers.

√ Efficient technical support and aftersales service to customers.

√ Quick email response, professional in 7x 24 hours service.

What do we do?

According to statistics, there are up to 500,000 traffic accidents worldwide each year caused by motor vehicle blind spots, with children constituting the majority of the victims. So, where exactly is the blind spot? The area in front of the hood of the car that cannot be seen is known as the front blind spot,the area behind the rear of the car is known as the rear blind spot. Using an ordinary family car as an example, there is a blind spot for vision about 0.6 square metres in front of the left side of the car body and about 0.82 square metres in front of the right side; there is also a blind spot for the rearview mirror. If a child shorter than one metre stands in this area, the driver will be completely unaware.

Because the large truck has a much larger body than a small car, the blind spot will be much larger. If the large truck is not equipped with video surveillance and a radar sound and light alarm system, the driver’s eyes and driving experience are all that is used to detect it. This is undoubtedly a person with poor vision walking alone on the road, putting all road users in grave danger.

YosoVision, as a highly professional Vehicle Security Electronics supplier, is dedicated to making roads, work sites, and parking lots safer for everyone. Our rear view camera and monitoring system, thanks to advanced vision technology, has greatly improved the safety of our passengers and other vulnerable road users while also making driving a large vehicle more enjoyable.

We are working on a fantastic career that will make all traffic participants safer.We are in the business of saving people’s lives.





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We are a global vehicle security electronics provider in the vehicle CCTV industry, specialising in integrated vehicle safety and enhanced rear vision solutions.

Rear View Camera Systems

Company License & Certificates

On the basis of ISO 9001:2015, YosoVision established a quality control and management system. Relevant documents and records are effectively controlled to ensure the quality system’s operation.

YosoVision Camera and Monitor Certificates

Factory Area

Supported by a strong R&D team and highly skilled engineers and workers.

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Our monthly production capacity for rear view camera and monitor system devices is over 10,000 pcs.

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Supported by a strong R&D team and highly skilled engineers and workers.

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Familiar with both products and industry knowledge,professional 7 x 24 hours service be guaranteed.